My Journey

I've been considered a "techie" for as long as I can remember. At age four, I learned DOS in order to learn my ABC's on a Sesame Street Floppy Disk.


I'm a graduate with vast knowledge of technological trends, strategies and solutions.

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I leverage my Professional Writing and Business degrees with my passion for art and technology to explore, express and innovate the world I see. While my professional expertise thrives in information technology, I also explore the creative world of music, food and recreation.Chad Davis

My Core Values


Chad held an internship as a knowledge engineer at the University of New Mexico maintaining public and internal IT support documents. He later moved on to a technical specialist position providing internal support and documentation for Anderson School of Management.


He spent the past decade working in various levels of IT support. Currently living in Denver Colorado, Chad contributes articles to many publishers, including the Glide Magazine, The Arizona Republic, The Houston Chronicle and He is also experienced in non-profit grant writing and provides marketing, SEO and IT consulting to local tech start-ups.


After graduating from UNM with his BA in professional writing and business management, Chad continued his education abroad through an international business graduate program at Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam in the Netherlands.


He gained a broad knowledge of information technology through his personal, professional and college careers. Chad is passionate about leveraging technology to improve education and the overall quality of life in the community. He enjoys science fiction novels, movies and film. Chad frequently attends Electronic Dance Music and Indie Rock festivals.

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