Is OpenVPN Safe? How Secure is Open VPN?

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is openvpn safe

Is OpenVPN safe? How secure is OpenVPN? If you need remote access to your files, workstations and other network devices, a Virtual Private Network (VPN) is a viable option. OpenVPN is one of the most popular VPN technologies known for its strong security, high reliability and community support. Why are OpenVPN connections considered to be safe and secure? Let’s take a look:

Is OpenVPN Safe?

Yes. OpenVPN is safe as a result of its community, founder and open source license.

A Global Community Makes OpenVPN Safe

There are many third-party outfits that offer less-than-optimal VPN services. Small VPN providers may not have the resources to implement important updates which may compromise the security of the connection. OpenVPN is open source which brings with it an abundance of international support. So is OpenVPN safe? Yes, with a thriving global community, OpenVPN is one of the safest VPN solutions available.

OpenVPN Was Founded with Safety in Mind

Founded by James Yonan, OpenVPN Technologies was built with safety in mind. After the wake of 9/11, James became especially concerned about the security of his connections while traveling in addition to having a need for remotely accessing the files on his office computer. This led him to researching VPN security and launching the open source development of OpenVPN.

GNU General Public License Keeps OpenVPN Safe

If you’re asking “is OpenVPN safe” then you likely already know a bit about VPNs. What makes OpenVPN safe is transparency. OpenVPN was published under the GNU General Public License making the project available to the public. It’s closely tied the open source OpenSSL Library and is rich with users, developers and support. Now let’s get a bit more technical by answering the question: “how secure is OpenVPN?”

how secure is openVPN

How Secure is OpenVPN?

OpenVPN is very secure as a result of cryptography, TLS and advanced security features.

Cryptography Makes OpenVPN Secure

Not all VPN providers use Secure Socket Layer (SSL) protocol to establish an encrypted link from server to client. James Yonan built OpenVPN using OpenSSL in order to establish cryptographic handshakes. In an interview, Yonan answers questions, such as is “OpenVPN safe” and “how secure is “openVPN,” and explains how the latest evolution of the protocol, known as TLS, makes OpenVPN safe and secure. According to Yonan,

TLS fits the bill rather nicely. It is a high-quality piece of cryptographic work, designed, attacked, and ultimately endorsed by some of the brightest cryptographers today.

OpenVPN is Loaded with Security Features

How secure is OpenVPN when it comes to its available features? Is OpenVPN safe to use when you require extra security? OpenVPN is loaded with advanced security features to ensure your connection remains safe, secure and uncompromised. In addition to the previously mentioned OpenSSL Library, OpenVPN supports HMAC packet authentication, pre-shared keys and certificates. You can read more about the open source software project at

Questions About OpenVPN

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