3 Easy Ways to Invest Money with Acorns: Easy Investing App

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easy ways to invest money

If you’re looking for easy ways to invest money, Acorns — the easy investing app — should do the trick. With national savings accounts offering impecunious interest rates — 0.6% on average according to the FDIC — Americans should consider alternative investments. Rather than struggling to save money, discover how simple investing is with the assistance of Acorns. The award-winning easy investing app lets anyone with a bank account make small investments on their terms.

What’s the Catch?

For most people there is none. In order to use Acorns, you must: install the app on your mobile device (Android, iOS, Windows Phone); have a U.S. bank account; and pay $1 / month. When you consider all of the fees you would traditionally pay a broker or service to make investments, this is quite a steal. Eventually your investments will pay for the monthly fee. These prerequisites give you easy ways to invest money without paying a broker or expensive service. Start saving today with Acorns.

3 Easy Ways to Invest Money

  1. Round-Ups
  2. Recurring
  3. One-Time

easy investing app

Acorns Features

Investing in Acorns with Round-Ups

“Round-Ups” is Acorns’ way of referring to spare change. The easy investing app lets you make micro-investments every time you make a purchase using the linked cards on your account. Most people hardly notice these micro-investments and are pleased to see how much they add up to given enough time.

Make Recurring Investments with Acorns

Another easy way to invest is using the “recurring” method. If you are always paid on the 15th of the month, you might create a $50 recurring investment scheduled for the 16th. Quickly moving your funds from your bank account to Acorns on payday is one of the many easy ways to invest money. It’s a great solution for those that regularly struggle with saving money.

Make a One-Time Payment in Acorns’ Easy Investment App

Unlike other mobile investing apps, Acorns provides a variety of easy ways to invest money. This is especially convenient if you’re looking for a simple, one-time investment. In this case, the “one-time payment” feature in Acorns is a great solution. Did you get a big paycheck or holiday bonus? Drop a few hundred in Acorns and you’ll be one step closer to higher savings. The more money you have in your Acorns portfolio, the higher the returns will be.

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easy ways to invest

Other Easy Ways to Invest Money with Acorns

Don’t Wait to Start Saving

Customize Your Portfolio

The best part is watching your Portfolio grow inside of the Acorns easy investing app. Adjust your risk levels and goals to diversify your portfolio. The highly-intuitive user interface is a breeze to work with and is one of the most engaging financial apps on the market. The user experience provides a easy ways to invest money without moving more than your fingers. Speaking of, supported devices enable you to use your fingerprint to unlock the app so you won’t have to keep entering your secure password each time.

Ready to Invest?

What are you waiting for! There really is no time like the present when it comes to starting an investment portfolio. Acorns is such an easy investing app you’ll be hooked within no time.

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