Contact Lenses: Nightvision Today, Augmented Reality Tomorrow

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According to Gizmodo the military may have already implemented night vision contact lenses. As revolutionary as this may or may not sound, these contact lenses lend themselves to my vision of the future.

I expect we will be utilizing contact lenses as displays in the near future.  The contacts will communicate with your “master device”, if you will, and display information in front of your face.  Utilizing cameras that are embedded in the clear pixels of the contact lenses (see Microsoft Surface) the user will be able to interact in an augmented reality (AR) environment.

Imagine Terminator meets Minority Report (see below).  We’re talking real-time virtual interaction with reality. The first step to AR is our mobile devices — Squeaky Blog has a great post about mobile AR apps. I personally have dabbled with a few AR apps, specifically Layar. Check out my other AR posts here at ChadWiki.

I can’t wait.


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