Samsung Fascinate Froyo 2.2 OTA Update, Root, and Restore

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The Verizon Samsung Fascinate finally received the OTA update to Google’s 2.2 OS (Froyo).  I performed the update successfully but encountered two main issues after updating.

Initial Issues:

1. Google Search Extension caused countless Force Close pop-ups as a result of me using Google as my default search button app instead of Bing.  If you did not do this on 2.1 you should not encounter this problem.  The resolution was to Uninstall Google Search Extended, and then also freeze Bing using Titanium Backup.

2. My Camera no longer operated — it displayed “Please Wait…” and would never allow camera usage. In order to resolve my camera issue I had to use Titanium Backup (paid) to carefully restore services and apps by excluding possible problem apps. Please read my posts on AndroidCentral which documents the restore process I used to [finally] resolve my Camera issue on my OTA Froyo 2.2 OS.


The process for rooting my 2.2 device was fairly painless. I followed the instructions found in this post from Android Central and then had to use the manual method found in the fourth post to get my device to successfully root. It’s important to note that I use Titanium Backup to ensure I could restore all of my device apps and settings. This ended up working almost perfectly with the exception of the camera issue mentioned earlier — but this was resolved eventually.


I had to carefully restore my device using Titanium Backup (paid) in consideration to the camera issue I was having (as mentioned in “Issues” above). Please read my posts on AndroidCentral which documents the Titanium Backup restore process I used to successfully restore my apps and data, here.


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