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Video source missing

Indoor maps.  Bing has beat Google to the punch when it comes to mapping the indoors, see video. 

The future: I’m excited to walk into a Wal-mart and have my mobile device automatically popup with store information. E.g., a virtual map of the store, a directory of departments, and an inventory search that links to your shopping list.  Then add Augmented Reality (AR) to the mix and you will be able to locate and purchase items in a breeze.  Accessing the store’s infotmation in the interim will be via QR codes and mobile apps but the long term will be via proximity based alerts that will seamlessly integrate with your device.

Holding up your device to view the store through the camera with overlays of departments will help you know what part of the store to go to.  Then you can search for specific products and find them highlighted when using your device to view the store isles.  You’ll easily discover desired inventory information on your screen while you browse. 


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