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If you haven’t heard of the Hype Machine now is the time to check it out and revolutionaize they way you discover new music.

When I was visiting a friend in Sheffiled, UK a couple summers ago I was first introduced to Hype Machine.  Since then I’ve never been able to look back. Hype Machine is unique in that it aggrigates various known and underground music blogs for posts containing MP3s / audio files.  It then allows users to heart songs they enjoy and as tracks gain in popularity they may appear on Hype Machine’s popular page gaining more exposure.  As a fan of remixes and well-constructed mash-ups I found that Hype Machine is an amazing resource for these types of music.  This site offers electronica galore including dub step, trance, and house music.  

Update: The HypeM Add-On has been blocked by Hype Machine and usage results in “rickroll” tracks only.

What is even more impressive is that there is currently a HypeM Firefox add-on that allows allowed you to save any track you hear on Hype Machine.  That’s right — ANY track. I personally found this to be a great tool for expanding my digital library. A simple “Save Track” button is now added to the Hype Machine media bar allowing one click saving of MP3s. The tracks are even downloaded with the correct available track names and artists. You can even scrobble your Hype Machine tracks to your Last.Fm account.

Be sure to check out the Hype Machine site, browse my hearted page, and download the Firefox add-on.


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